The Private List

Coates & Seely's winemaking philosophy is to hand-make small quantities of the highest quality sparkling wines with craftmanship borne of a rigorous attention to detail and a unending pursuit of excellence.

As a producer of relatively small volumes, our wines are only available in a small number of carefully selected outlets. Otherwise, we only sell to you. If, like us, you share our passion for the highest standards of winemaking and our desire to express the uniqueness and beauty of our surroundings in our wines, we would like to reward your interest.

You can join Coates & Seely's Private List (for no cost) by submitting your name and email address below. We will undertake to (i) advise you in advance of the release of future Coates & Seely wines and (ii) provide you with the opportunity of pre-ordering these wines before their general release (but only after we consider them to be fully ready for drinking). For those of our Private List clients who make regular or substantial orders, we should also like to invite you to periodic tastings of Coates and Seely's wines at our winery in Hampshire.

We shall not contact you for any other reason; nor release any details of names or addresses to any third parties. We wish only to share our interest and to give you the opportunity to enjoy our wines in a more personal way.

Coates & Seely Rose bottles